Upto 40% discount on Gillette Personal care & grooming kit

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Important points to get Upto 40% discount on Gillette 

  1. Offer on Flipkart  website
  2. Deal – get Upto 40% discount on Gillette Personal care & grooming on Fipkart website and Mobile app. Price may or may not same, it’s depends upon offer, demand and supply.
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  4. Buy Gillette Mach3 Refill – 8 Count @Amazon Click Here
  5. No coupon code require for this deal

  6. Here we are explaining deal about “Gillette Fusion Flexball ProGlide Razor with 4 Flexball Blades combo” which have 40% discount.
  7. Discount in percentage you will get – 40%
  8. FREE Delivery on orders over Rs.199
  9. Apart from above discount, You can save more if you pay online.
    1. Extra 5% Off on purchases made through All Credit/Debit Cards
    2. Get 5X Reward Points Using HDFC Bank Credit Cards
    3. Savings with HDFC Bank Rewards Debit Card.
  10. Above offers is for very short time, buy it before it expire.
  11. Make sure you’re always stocked up on Gillette Mach3 refill cartridges. The Mach3 combines Gillette’s 3 Blade Shaving Technology with antifriction blades that gently glide over your face. Its pivoting razor head with 10 Microfins follow every contour on your face for comfort and closeness. A lubricating strip on the razor head gradually fades to white, to indicate when you are no longer getting an optimal shave.

    Features & Benefits: The Mach3 blades are thinner than a surgeon’s scalpel and give you a close shave in a single stroke. A trusted choice, the Mach3 continues to give men around the world a great start to their day.

    1.     3 Blades: The Mach3 blades are spring-mounted to adjust to different levels of shaving pressure and skin variations.

    2.     Microfins: The skin guard is comprised of soft microfins to help to stretch the skin ahead of the first blade.

    3.     Lubrastrip: The lubrastrip delivers water soluble lubricants to the skin to improve glide.It also fades to white when you are no longer getting an optimal shave.

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