30% discount DishTV HD or SD SET TOP Box Connection-All India (1 month Super-Family and Game-on HD with 300 Movie Points)

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Important points to get 30% discount DishTV HD or SD set top box Connection-All India

  1. Offer on Snapdeal website
  2. Deal – get 30% discount DishTV HD or SD Connection-All India (1 month Super-Family and Game-on HD with 300 Movie Points)
  3. To buy DishTv SD/HD Connection @SnapdealClick Here
  4. MRP Rs 2295  [30% OFF]
    Pay Rs 1,599 only
  5. To buy Airtel SD/HD Connection Click Here
  6. For TataSky SD/HD Connection – Click Here
  7. Get 5% Cashback on HDFC Banks Debit Cards
  8. 20 HD Channels with Game ON pack for 1 Month
  9. 1080i Picture Clarity
  10. Unlimited Recording
  11. Flexibility to Choose HD Add-On
  12. Sale package – DishTV HD Recorder Box,Remote,Connecting Cable
  13. 1.            48 Maximum HD Channels: With DishTV, you’ll never run out of choices. Enhance your HD TV viewing experience with maximum 48 HD channels across various genres to suit your entertainment needs.2.            1080i Picture Resolution & 5.1 Surround Sound: With crystal clear picture clarity, enjoy every detail in high resolution and enhance your experience. Now, you won’t miss out on the minutest detail on your HD TV with 1080i Picture Resolution and 5.1 Surround Sound.
  14. Installation Procedure
    1 The Customer will be contacted by the seller as soon as the order is shipped. The seller would explain the installation process to the customer
    2 The customer would not receive the Set Top Box as delivery from Snapdeal
    3 Customer would receive invoice and a voucher which would be needed to initiate installation
    4 Once the voucher and invoice is delivered, delivery and installation would be done by local authorized brand Technician who will seek prior appointment from the customer before coming for installation.

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