26% discount Tata Swach Smart Water Purifier

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Important steps to get 38% discount on TataSwach Smart WaterPurifier

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  5. MRP Rs.1350
  6. Offer price: Rs.999
  7. Rs 49 delivery or delivery charge
  8. Use Coupon Code: SCAPNP33
  9. Tata Swach Smart — A Smart way to purify your drinking water! Effectively destroys disease-causing water-borne bacteria and viruses and makes water safe for drinking. Uses Silver Nanotechnology to effectively remove harmful bacteria and viruses.
    • What’s new in Tata Swach Smart?
    • Translucent Body
    • Sturdy Body
    • Features:
    • Removes 100 crore bacteria and 1 crore viruses from 1 litre water
    • Internationally and universally acclaimed for its superior performance
    • Genuine guarantee: The Tata Swach Lock guarantees the genuineness of the Tata Swach Bulb; easy-to-fit, one-step process
    • Easy to clean, easy to assemble
    • Long-life of the cartridge: Tata Swach has a bulb that runs for 1500 litres (one of the longest lifespan in the category).
    • Auto-shut off mechanism — the Tata Swach Fuse

    No electricity and no running water required

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