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  3. 40% discount on GATE Tutor 2015 – Mechanical Engineering (With CD) 6th Edition
  4. Author: Dinesh Nath Goswami
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  9. Authored By Dinesh Nath Goswami
    Publisher – Arihant
  10. The present GATE tutor for GATE Mechanical Engineering has been divided into three sections namely General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering, each sub-divided into number of chapters. The General Aptitude section covers Verbal Ability, Critical Reasoning, Numerical Ability and Previous Years General Aptitude Questions. The Engineering Mathematics section has been divided into Linear Algebra, Calculus, Differential Equations, Complex Variables, Probability & Statistics, Numerical Methods and Transform Theory whereas the Mechanical Engineering section has been divided into eleven chapters namely Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Theory of Machines, Machine Design, Fluid Mechanics, Heat & Mass Transfer, Thermodynamics, Power Engineering, Material Science, Manufacturing Science and Industrial Engineering.
  11. The chapters cover unit-wise and topic-wise collection of theory and question answers. The whole coverage of the syllabi in the book has been kept identical to the format of the exam including relevant study material and variety of questions with their complete solutions. Each topic in the book has been categorized into numerous sub divisions. Also each unit ends with two unit exercises for practicing the concepts discussed in the unit. The exercises contain questions as per the GATE pattern i.e. 1 mark questions, 2 marks questions and common data & linked answer questions. It has been kept into account that the concepts illustrated in the book are self-sustaining and the students do not feel the need to go through any other book for any missing topic. The book also contains last four years (2011 – 2014) solved papers of GATE along with original online GATE 2014 Mechanical Engineering Paper to give the aspirants an insight into the trends of questions asked in GATE Examination. This book also contains focused study material for General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics. For final and thorough revision, three practice sets for GATE Mechanical Engineering with full solutions have also been given in the book. This book also comes with a free CD containing Mock Tests as per the latest GATE Mechanical Engineering pattern. As the book contains ample study and practice material, it will help the aspirants achieve success in the upcoming GATE 2015 Mechanical Engineering Exam.

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