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  1. Offer on Nearbuy website
  2. Welcome and celebrate New year 2018 with Party, Music, dance, DJ, Food at 5 star Hotel Velocity Casino 2018 New Year Party Radha Regent Bangalore with upto 22% discount per ticket. Ticket/Voucher price start as low as Rs.999 which is less than Rs.1000/2000. Kindly buy Tickets as soon as possible, because early bird deal may expire any time and are of limited quantity.
  3. Deal – Get upto 22% Discount at Velocity Casino 2018 New Year Party Radha Regent Bangalore (5 Star Hotel) Deals & Offers
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  7. Deal @Nearbuy – 
    1. (Early Bird) 31 Dec: Male Stag Entry to DJ Party with Unlimited Food, Drinks & Party Specials For Rs. 3333 2699 only

    2. (Early Bird) 31 Dec: Couple Entry to DJ Party with Unlimited Food, Drinks & Party Specials For Rs. 6666 5222 only

    3. (Early Bird) 31 Dec: Child Entry (7 to 12yrs) for Unlimited Food & Soft Drinks For Rs.1111 999 only

    4. 31 Dec: Male Stag Entry to DJ Party with Unlimited Food, Drinks & Party Specials For Rs. 3333 only

    5. 31 Dec: Couple Entry to DJ Party with Unlimited Food, Drinks & Party Specials For Rs. 6666 only

    6. 31 Dec: Child Entry (7 to 12yrs) for Unlimited Food & Soft Drinks For Rs.1111 only

    • Event Name: Velocity Casino 2018
    • Music by DJ Abhishek
    • Qawwali by Warsi brothers from Hyderabad
    • Pop & Jazz performance by international artist Phil& Zuzi
    • 3 Events under one roof. Buy 1 ticket and get entry for allthe events
    • Free tickets for Casino games (limited)
    • Unlimited Food & Drinks (4 Bars serving drinks)
    • Interactive magic by Magician Idris (IMA awards winner)
    • Kids zone with Games, Movies & Buffet
    • Biggest buffet display in Electronic City
  8. Timings : Sunday-7:00 P.M to 1:00 A.M, 31 December 2017
    Extra cost for children between 0 to 6 years : free
    Table not included as part of this offering
  9. ---
  10. All tickets/passes are inclusive of taxes & service charges
  11. Dress code: Smart Casuals & Formals
  12. All local / national laws with respect to legal drinking age, apply to a nearbuy customer as well
  13. If the brand of alcohol promised is not available, a similar or better brand will be provided
  14. Anti-Liquor Law: Minimum Age Criteria for Alcohol is 21yrs (change if different) | Alcohol will be served only to customers who are of legal drinking age
  15. Reservation not needed. Your name will be in the guest list.
  16. Male-male couples not allowed
  17. Children are allowed
  18. Dangerous items including arms and ammunition, narcotics, outside consumables are not allowed inside the venue
  19. Merchant is solely responsible for the service, information, availability and quality of the events including all or any complaints.
  20. In case of event cancellation, refund will be initiated by nearbuy.com
  21. Early Bird prices are valid only till 29th Dec, 17
  22. Child Policy:
  23. Child below 6yrs: Free
  24. Child between (7 to 12yrs): Separate Child Entry voucher required
  25. Child above 12yrs: Separate Male/Female Entry voucher required
  26. Velocity Casino 2018 New Year Party Radha Regent Bangalore Food Menu –

    Non Veg Starters (10)

    • Olive and Pineapple Crusted Shrimps (Herbmarinated prawns skewered with duos of olives and tangy pineapple)
    • Crunchy & Cheese Fish Goujons (Traditionallemon zest & creamy cheese marinated fish served with tartar sauce)
    • Frito Misto (Thai tempora crispy calamari ringswith HGS sauce)
    • Sigri ke Bhune Murgh ke Tikke (Punjab de shaan-chunks of chicken marinated and cooked over open fire)
    • Mutton Shami Kebab (Minced lamb patty cooked inIndian spices and served with mint chutney)
    • Sarsoan aur Til ki Mahi (Indian River Salmonflavoured with mustard and char grilled )
    • Drums of Heaven (Hind leg of chicken tossed withHGS & topped with spring onions)
    • Thai Chilly Fish (Fillet of fish marinated withgalangal and lemon grass)
    • Fish Amritsari (Sesame fish battons coated withgram flour)
    • Chicken 65 (Chettinad special 65 days grownchussa)
    • Mamsam Miryala Vepudu (Boneless cubes of lambtempered with curry leaves and pepper)

    Veg Starters (10)

    • Mirch aur Pudine ka Paneer Tikka (Cottage cheesein green marination and flavoured with mint)
    • Tandoor ke do Phool (Brocolli & Cauliflowermarinated with cheese marination and cooked in clay oven)
    • Hare Mutter aur Khas ki Shami (Green peas andpuppy seeds patty flavoured with Indian spices)
    • Cottage Cheese Skewers (Exotic vegetable andcottage cheese skewered and pan grilled)
    • Mushroom Duets (Crumb fried cheese mushroomserved with cocktail sauce)
    • Spicy Paprika Nachos (Mexican crispy corntortillas flavoured with sweet paprika & buffallo cheese)
    • Mapu Tofu (Soya Cheese tossed with ginger andgarlic sauce)
    • Crispy Corn Nibblets (Creamy corn kernels batterfried and tossed with trio of bell peppers)
    • Varai Chips (Sweet and sour baby raw bananafritters)
    • Kuchi Fry (Yam seasoned with south indian spicesand deep fried)

    Soup – Non Veg

    • Lamb Albandigas (Mexican lamb broth with tangyplum tomatoes)
    • Khoi Verani (Chicken cooked overnight andflavoured with roasted garlic powder)

    Soup – Veg  (Servedwith Soup Condiments)

    • Tamatar Dhaniya Ka Shorba (Garden Fresh plumtomatoes cooked and flavoured with corriander)
    • Veg Manchow Soup (Perfect combination ofvegetables stocks served with crispy fried noodles)

    Bread counter

    • Assorted Bread Rolls
    • Soft Rolls
    • Cheese Straws
    • Bread Sticks
    • Cumin Rolls
    • Baby Onion Croissant
    • Tomato Garlic Bread
    • Herb Bread
    • Foccacia Bread
    • Lavash Bread
    • Goan Poi
    • Brioche
    • French Loaf
    • Dinner Rolls
    • Brown Bread
    • Doughnuts
    • Bagel
    • Pita Bread
    • Multigrain Bread
    • Rye Bread
    • Farmer Bread
    • French Baguette
    • Ciabatta


    • Table Butter
    • Herb Butter
    • Pepper Butter
    • Parsley Butter
    • Roasted Garlic Butter
    • Basil Pinenut Butter
    • Sweet Paprika Butter

    Salad – Non Veg (10)

    • French mustard marinated roasted Clams withparmesan dust
    • Crab meat flakes with water chestnut and rootyvegetables
    • Figs and Fish smoked with asparagus and glazedwith red wine reduction
    • Smoked Chicken breast wrapped with baby spinachand apricot with teriyaki glazed
    • Mediterranean Tuna and Tomato salad enrichedwith infused buffalo cheese
    • Moroccan spiced oleo polo macaroni Salad
    • Poultry farm soft cheese walnuts pie
    • Tandoor ka khazhana
    • Egg Slider with kalamata olives and flat parsley
    • Nicosia Salad

    Salad – Veg (10)

    • Romaine lettuce salad with orange zest with fetacheese and jalapenos
    • Fattoush Salad
    • Steamed Broccoli & Fennel with balsamicdrizzle
    • Mediterranean grilled vegetables
    • Mushrooms trifoliate with corn nibblets and plumtomatoes with citrus
    • vinaigrette
    • Ribbons of cucumber & carrots tied withbloody red beetroot with garlic dips
    • Oven roasted beetroot with sesame and friedcurry leaves & with Gherkins
    • Roasted bell peppers with fried eggplant andsquash with homemade salsa
    • Mexican three beans salad with nasty baby onions
    • Aida with roasted corn, Cherry Tomatoes, Capers& Jalapeno

    Organic Bites

    • Olives, Croutons, Capers, Balsamic, Olive oil,Chili flakes, Chicken, Bacon,
    • Sliced Sausage, Peanut, Baby Carrots, Zucchini,Purple Onions, Cherry
    • tomatoes, Cucumber, Iceberg, Romaine, Freeze,Radicchio, Lolorosso, Rocket
    • Leaves, Mustard Sprout, Peas Sprouts, Horse GramSprouts, Green Moong
    • Sprouts, Black Chana Sprouts, Broccoli, AmericanCorn, Radish, Peas, Peppers,
    • Grapes Halves, Cherry Tomato, Roasted Pine Nuts,Crusted Walnuts, Almond,
    • Pesto Croutons, Kalamata Olives, ShreddedParmesan, Feta Cheese, Grilled
    • Diced Baby Corn, Grilled Mushroom Caps, GrilledCumin Peppers, Grilled
    • Courgettes, Grilled Curried Leeks

    Cold cuts – Non Veg

    • Chicken Galantine
    • Meat Loaf
    • Smoked Turkey Roulade
    • Foie Gras Pate
    • Chicken Roulade
    • Cold Cuts – Veg
    • Carrot Terrine
    • Cottage Cheese Roulade
    • Avocado Lorraine
    • Beetroot and Cottage Cheese Roulade
    • Green Peas and Corn Terrine
    • Canapés Counter
    • Salmon de Roses with sour dill cream onBruschetta
    • Goose Liver Pâté on Crostini
    • Crackling Pepperoni and Pear Toasts
    • Corn and Prawn on Pita Pocket
    • Beetroot and Goat Cheese Vol-au- vent
    • Cumin Tarts with Cream Cheese
    • Flat Smiley Potato rounds with Tomato Salsa
    • Raj Kachori
    • Dressings & Dips
    • Caesar dressing, Mayonnaise, Pesto dressing,Italian dressing, Sun dried
    • tomato pesto, Capers, Extra virgin olive oil,Aged balsamic vinegar, Balsamic &
    • Olive oil vinaigrette, Lemon & olive oilvinaigrette, Dijon mustard ,Lemon
    • dressing, Honey Ginger dressing , Thousandisland dressing, Rancho dressing

    Variety of Papad and Pickles

    • Appalams
    • Roasted Papad
    • Fried Papad
    • Fryums
    • Mango Pickle
    • Ginger pickle
    • Garlic Pickle
    • Mixed Veg Pickle
    • Chunda Pickle

    Mediterranean Delights

    • Hummus
    • Tzatziki
    • Baba Ghanoush
    • Moutabal
    • Pita Bread
    • Sumac Onion Rings
    • Falafel

    Cheese Platter with Condiments & Crackers

    • Boccochinni
    • Emmenthal
    • Gauda
    • Brie
    • Danish Blue

    Main Course – Biryanis

    • Dumba Biryani (Baby lamb, marinated and cookedalong with the rice and has saffron seasonings)
    • Hyderabad Murgh Dum Biryani (Chicken marinatedwith Indian herbs and cooked through Dum way of cooking)
    • Lucknowi Jhinga Biryani (Biryani cooked withcurd, jhinga, almond paste, ghee, dry fruits, and green chilies, and has a richflavor)
    • Shabnami Sabzi Biryani (Fresh garden veg andlong grain basmati rice, flavored with rose water, Indian herbs)
    • Navratan Pulao (Plain basmati rice with additionof fruits and nuts along with Indian herbs)

    Biryani Condiments

    • Boorani raitha, Mix veg raitha, Onion ringsdipped in flavored yogurt,
    • Kuchumber Salad, Pudina Ki Chutney &Mirchi ka Salan

    Curries – Non Veg (10)

    • Murgh Makhanwala (Tender chicken cooked in claypot with tomatoes, onion, selected spice)
    • Mutton Rogan Josh (Lamb cooked with in anaromatic Kashmiri spices and flavoured with Ratan Joth)
    • Kheema Kaleji (Lamb mince cooked with goatliver)
    • Royyala Iguru (Shrimps cooked in Andhra spices)
    • Pekling Duck Armenian (Oven Roasted breast ofduck with red wine jus and served with jalapeno)
    • Seer Steak with Cherry Tomato and Basil Coulis (Seerfish cooked with citrus sauce and fettuccine cheese)
    • Meen Mapus curry with Kerela Paratha – LIVECOUNTER (Fish cooked in local spice and enriched with coconut milk)
    • Roast Turkey – LIVE COUNTER (Along withCranberry Sauce, Giblets / Williams /Jus / Red wine / Black Pepper / BreadSauce with exotic grilled vegetables)
    • Teppanyaki &  Mongolian Counter – LIVE COUNTER (Prawn  Crab Cake  Squids and green pepper and beans sproutstossed in Thai curry paste)
    • Kung Pao Crab Dumplings (Seasoned crab mincecooked in Kung pao sauce)

    Curries – Veg

    • Gnocchi al Pomodoro(Homemade gnocchi with atomato and basil sauce topped with mozzarella and oven baked)
    • Ravioli con Burro e Salvia (Ravioli with spinachand ricotta served with butter saffron sage and parmesan shavings)
    • Aubergine & Squash Melanzane Tamble (Bakedeggplant filled then rolled with fresh ricotta cheese)
    • Thai Green Curry (All Exotic veg cooked withThai green curry and topped with fried sweet basil)
    • Wok tossed Shitake &  Wild Mushroom (Shitake mushroom tossed insweet & spicy sauce garnished with cashew nuts)
    • Exotic farm fresh green dumplings dipped in HGS (Cheesestuffed roll coated with pressed rice and fried and cooked in hot garlic sauce)
    • Paneer Dilbagh Masala (Cottage cheese cooked inIndian gravy and whole spice)
    • Marwari Kadhi Pakode (Onion and potato dumplingscooked with turmeric perfumed yoghurt and Indian spices)


    Vegetable Tawa –(Live) (Variety seasonal garden fresh vegetables served on tawa with Indianmasala)

    • Aloo Chutney Wale (Baby potato cooked with mintand coriander flavored spices)
    • Paruppu Urandai Masala (Channa dal flavouredwith mint and fennel)
    • Bendakaya Vepudu
    • (Cooked with onion and tomato chopped masala,seasoned and okra with black pepper, garnished with julienne ginger and chili)
    • Pacch Curry Korma
    • (Cooked with paste of coriander and mint gravyand whole garlic & ginger with gram masala)
    • Dal Bandar – live (Variety of lentils cooked onorder – Arhar / Rajma / Green Moong /Makhani/ Channa)
    • Sushi and Sashimi Platter
    • Nigiri – (Salmon, basa, snapper, tuna)
    • Rolls – (Avocado California, Prawns reversemaki)

    Italian Counter –Live

    • Variety of Risottos & Sauces with condiments
    • Veg – Mushroom, Broccoli, Sun dried Tomato, Bellpapers , Brussels Sprouts, Snow peas &  Asparagus
    • Non Veg – Prawns, Chicken & Bolognaise
    • Sauce – Alfrado, Neplotine, Arrabiata &  Pesto with all condiments

    Desert Counter

    Western Deserts

    • Pyramid of Fresh Strawberries (Fresh Strawberrydiped with chocolates & Served with whipped cream)
    • Red Velvet Cake (Soft Layer Sponze with oil andalmond flour & served with Strawberry cream)
    • Basboosa (Semolina Cake with Rose waterflavored)
    • Rum Balls (Chocolate surprise flavored with Rumand Raisin)
    • Passion Fruit Pannacotta (Combined mixture ofcooking cream passion fruit puree & milk)
    • Bakalava (The layer of filo pastry and stuffedwith heavy nuts)
    • Baked Cheese Cake (Mixture of egg, sugar andcream cheese)
    • White Chocolate Puff Cornet (Puff roll filledwith white choclate cream)
    • Port Wine Caramel Custard (Wekfield custardserved with port wine)
    • Chocolate Marquise(Chocolate imperial layer withchoclate cream and butter )
    • Honey and Almond Gautuex (Layer cake with AlmondFlour)

    Indian Desserts

    • Gulab Jamun with Rabri
    • Dudhi Halwa
    • Baked Shahi Tukra
    • Double ka Meetha
    • Shaan-e- Bahar
    • Badam–e-Anjeer ka Halwa
    • Keshari Rasmali
    • Rajashtani Rajbhog
    • Phirni
    • Jalebi with Rabri – Live

    Crepe Station – Live Counter

    • Rum Caramelize Pineapple
    • Dragon & Kiwi Compote
    • Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Caramelize Apples& Berry Sauce
    • Papaya Sauce Whipped Cream, Bitter ChocolateSauce
    • Chori Chores

    Fresh Fruit Counter – Live

    • Kiwi
    • Dragon Fruit
    • Plum, Strawberries
    • Apple, Grapes
    • Mud Apple
    • Pomegranate
    • Pineapple
    • Honeydew Melon, Watermelon
    • Papaya, Banana
    • Custard Apple

    Tandoori Breads

    • Whole Wheat Roti
    • Pudina Paratha, Laccha Naan
    • Garlic Cheese Naan
    • Missi Roti, Saffron Naan & Peshwari Naan

    Kids Menu – Orchid Hall

    • Fish Fingers
    • Chicken 65
    • French Fries
    • Smiley
    • Spiral Pasta with Tangy Tomato
    • Veg Hakka Noodles
    • Veg Manchurian
    • Veg Puff
    • Hara Bhara Kebab Slider
    • Cocktail Samosa
    • Gulab Jamun
    • Vanilla Ice- Cream

    Velocity 2018 – BEVERAGES

    Unlimited pouring of

    • Black dog whisky
    • Blenders pride
    • Smirnoff Vodka
    • Bacardi White Rum,
    • Blue Riband Gin
    • Sula Wines (Red, White& sparkling)
    • fratelli wines
    • Budweiser Beer.
    • Kingfisher Beer
    • Bira Beer
    • Breezers
    • Bottled Water
    • Mocktails
    • Aerated Beverage
    • Canned Juices.
  27. Address – Velocity Casino 2018 New Year Party Radha Regent Bangalore

  28. 10C, Electronic City,Phase-1,Near Wipro Gate-1 electronic-city-phase-1, Bangalore 560100

  29. Velocitiy happening at Radha Regent is nothing short of a spectacle. From DJ’s, amazing food and even live Qawalli, you do not want to miss this at any cost. Head to Radha Regent for one of the biggest New Year events in all of Bengaluru with ‘Velocity Casino 2018!’ With DJ Abhishek Singh playing the latest hits and food that is pleasing to even the most discerning palate, what more can one ask for? Apart from this, they also have arrangements for conducting multiple activities including magic tricks display and casino games to keep you entertained and happy. Just so you can have such a great time without worrying about your children getting bored, they have a kids zone as well. So bring your family and friends and have a memorable New Year’s Eve at Radha Regent!
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  31. Velocity Casino 2018 New Year Party Radha Regent Bangalore deal NYE 2018 party offer

  32. Velocity Casino 2018 New Year Party Radha Regent Bangalore 5 star hotel NYE 2K18 party start below Rs.1000/2000

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