15% discount Healthvit Cal-Vita Calcium and Vitamin D3, Unflavoured 60 tablet(s)

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How to get 15% discount Healthvit Cal-Vita Calcium and Vitamin D3, Unflavoured 60 tablet(s)

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  2. Deal – Get upto 15% discount on Healthvit Cal-Vita Calcium and Vitamin D3, Unflavoured 60 tablet(s)
  3. List Price: Rs.250
  4. Selling Price: Rs.212
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    • Enriched with the goodness of calcium and vitamin D
    • Suitable for adult?s bone and teeth health
    • Suitable for use post pregnancy and during lactation
  7. Adults going through the rush of everyday life often eat food that is deficient in essential nutrients like Vitamin D and calcium. As age progresses there is a further depletion of these nutrients in the body causing serious ailments such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis or frequent fractures. The HealthVit CAL-VITA tablets offer calcium and vitamin D to help you avoid such ailments in future.
  8. Great for Elderly

    Whether you are a healthy adult or an elderly already suffering from calcium and vitamin D deficiency, the HealthVit CAL-VITA tablets are a must-have. These tablets are rich in two nutrients and take care of your bones and teeth as you go about your everyday routine. A daily intake of this supplement ensures your body gets the required amount of calcium and vitamin D to prevent bone or tooth loss and keep painful bone and joint injuries at bay. The HealthVit CAL-VITA allows younger adults to maintain their muscular strength and agility too.

    Must-Have Daily Dose

    The HealthVit CAL-VITA is especially recommended for women and elderly as they tend to be more prone to osteoporosis, dental problems and fractures too. Whether you are pregnant, have just delivered a baby, are lactating, or are experiencing post menopausal symptoms, this is a must-have supplement for you that is enriched with calcium carbonate in its most concentrated form. Vitamin D3 present in this supplement helps maximum absorption of calcium in the body further strengthening bones, joints and teeth.

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