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  6. Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s glorious book Madhushala is a collection of mystically woven 135 quatrains. Madhushala, meaning ‘The House of Wine’, includes brilliant compilation of ballads that portray the various dimensions of life with the use of words like wine (madhu), house of wine (madhushala) and cup-bearer (saaki). The quatrain style of writing could be compared with the Urdu style ‘Ruba’i and has been inspired by Omar Khayyam’s literary piece ‘Ruba’iyat’.

    The poems voice about the facets of human life like love, greed, anguish and resentment. As a reader proceeds with each page of the book, he/she gets to know the beautiful ways in which wine has been used as a metaphor to convey the prismatic reflection of life. Bachchan also openly spoke about the blind way of living in society and the sorrow it brings to the life of a common man. Through Madhushala, Bachchan touches one or the other sensitive aspects of every single person’s life. Madhushala has been considered a must read for those who are in quest for the best Hindi poems.

    The book was released as a trilogy, originally in 1935 and subsequently in the years 1936 and 1937 under the titles of Madhubala and Madhukalash respectively. The poems have been adopted for dramas and dances as well. The book is available from Rajpal, published in 2013 as a hardcover.

    Key Features

    • The renowned patriotic music composer Jaideep also composed Madhushala’ s verses.
    • Phrases from the book have been delivered by famous Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan in his shows, interviews and many other media events.

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