Discount on Godrej Protekt Mr. Magic Powder-to-Liquid Handwash Refill, (makes 200ml)

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  2. Deal – Get discount on Godrej Protekt Mr. Magic Powder-to-Liquid Handwash Refill pack, (makes 200ml). This offer is  for very limited time and stock may finish anytime.
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  4. Offer Price details are as follows –
  5. M.R.P.: Rs. 35.00
    Price: Rs.33.25 00
    You Save: Rs.5%
    Inclusive of all taxes
  6. Amazon buyer rating is 3.8 out of 5 based upon 34 customer reviews, this is a good rating.
  7. Contains: 1 unit of Protekt Mr. Magic Handwash Refill (9g)
  8. Powder to liquid format – a first, in the world of handwashes!
  9. Just add 200ml clean water + powder in the bottle and shake
  10. Enriched with Neem – which is tough on germs
  11. Soothing Aloe Vera – makes it gentle on skin
  12. Get a sachet and make a full bottle of handwash, all over again!
  13. Product description

    The first-ever powder to liquid hand wash, gentle on skin, but tough on germs with neem and aloe vera, easy to make, in just 3 steps make 200 ml of hand wash with 1 empty bottle and refill sachet worth rs. 35.

    Q: What if I add the magic powder first, and then water?

    The formula works only when it’s made correctly – first, add 200 ml of water, pour the magic powder into it and shake.

    Q: Can I use mr. magic immediately after preparation?

    Yes. But for best results, use 1-2 hours after preparation.

    Q: How long will my combi pack last?

    Typically, a bottle of mr. magic handwash can last a family of 3-4 for 1 month.

    Unique Powder to Liquid Format
    The first-ever powder to liquid handwash, Godrej protekt mr. magic makes germs disappear for good. Thanks to its unique format, you can make 1 full bottle of handwash (200 ml) in just 4 easy steps! Thereby making it a handwash made by you, for your family.

    With Neem and Aloe Vera
    With Godrej protekt mr. magic handwash, you have the best of both worlds. The power of neem makes it tough on germs, while soothing aloe vera makes it gentle on skin. So, you protect your family’s hands without drying them out.

    Easy to Make
    It’s very easy to make mr. magic handwash. Simply take 200 ml of water, pour the magic powder into it, shake and unlock! And with that, you get one full bottle of handwash, to use as you please.

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