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  2. Programming with Java : A Primer 4 Edition
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  5. Paperback
  6. Author: E. Balagurusamy
  7. Publisher: Tata McGraw — Hill Education (2009)
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  13. Programming With Java: A Primer is for students who want to learn the programming language Java. It provides all the concepts and theories required to learn Java in a clear and concise manner. Not only are all features of Java programming aptly explained, the history of the development of Java is also explained so that students can understand the background and functionality of the language.

    Programming With Java: A Primer provides students with exercises after each chapter. Debugging exercises and programs are provided for students to practice the application of JAVA programming concepts in computer programs.

    All concepts of Java programming such as multithreading, decision making, event handling, arrays, strings, vectors and graphics are dealt with in detail. There is also a chapter on managing errors and exceptions to help students debug their programs in order to correct programs which are wrong. The book contains chapters like Overview of Java Language, Packages: Putting Classes Together, Graphics Programming, and Java Collections.

    The 4th edition of Programming With Java: A Primer contains information on the latest updates of JAVA. This book contains new sections on event handling, AWT classes and strings. It also contains two new full fledged projects and model questions from Sun certified Java programming exams.

  14. Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming
    Chapter 2: Java Evolution
    Chapter 3: Overview of Java Language
    Chapter 4: Constants, Variable and Data types
    Chapter 5: Operators and Expressions
    Chapter 6: Decision Making and Branching
    Chapter 7: Decision Making and Looping
    Chapter 8: Classes, Objects and Methods
    Chapter 9: Arrays, Strings and Vectors
    Chapter 10: Interfaces: Multiple Inheritance
    Chapter 11: Packages: Putting Classes Together
    Chapter 12: Multithreading Programming
    Chapter 13: Managing Error and Exceptions
    Chapter 14: Applet Programming
    Chapter 15: Graphics Programming
    Chapter 16: Managing Inputs/Output Files in Java
    Chapter 17: Java Collections

    Appendix A: Java Language Reference
    Appendix B: Java Keywords
    Appendix C: Difference between Java C/C++
    Appendix D: Bit-level Programming
    Appendix E: Java API Packages
    Appendix F: Java Classes and their Packages
    Appendix G: Assertion and Design by Contract
    Appendix H: Java Version History
    Appendix I: Deprecated Classes and Methods
    Appendix J: Statistics of Java Packages
    Appendix K: SCJP Exam Model Questions
    Appendix L: Points to Remember
    Appendix M: Common Coding Errors
    Appendix N: Glossary of Java Terms
    Appendix O: Projects


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