Visa and :For HDFC Card Holders-Book 2 or more tickets on and get 1 ticket free offer valid till 30 September 2013

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Visa and :For HDFC Card Holders-Book 2 or more tickets on and get 1 ticket free offer valid till 30 September 2013


Important points from to get discount coupon 

    1. Book 2 or more tickets on and get 1 ticket free.
    2. Valid only on tickets booked during the weekend days ie Friday to Sunday (both inclusive)
    3. Offer valid only on HDFC Bank Visa Infinite & HDFC Bank Visa Signature Credit Cards
    4. Offer Valid till 30th September 2013
    5. The numbers of tickets under this offer are limited and customers can avail this offer on a First Come First Serve basis
      1. During the weekend days ie Friday to Sunday (both inclusive) of the promotion period, under the “Visa Block-Buster Weekend Offer”, and subject to the Offer Terms and Conditions set out below, customers who use their Visa Signature or Visa Infinite card to book cinema tickets through will have the chance to receive one free ticket out of a minimum of 2 tickets booked
      2. This VISA Block-buster Weekend Offer (“Offer”) is open for participation during the Promotion Period, via Visa Qualifying Transactions. A Visa Qualifying Transaction is an online cinema ticket purchase made on during the Promotion Period with a valid and eligible VISA Infinite or Signature Card issued in India
      3. The Promotion Period is up to 30th September 2013
      4. Details of the Offer and applicable terms and conditions, are described below:

      1. The first 300 Visa Qualifying Transactions made on any Promotion weekend days i.e Friday to Sunday, for the booking of (at least) one full-price movie ticket online on, will entitle the Visa Cardholders who made these bookings to get one free movie ticket in the same transaction, subject to “Offer Terms and Conditions”, “How to Avail offer” as well as under “General Terms and Conditions Applicable For Offer”.
      General Terms & Conditions of Offer

      1. The maximum number of free tickets available each Promotion Weekend Day is 300 for Visa Signature and Visa Infinite cardholders
      2. The free ticket price cannot exceed Rs 300/ticket under this offer
      3. A maximum number of one free ticket can be received per Eligible Card per calendar month during the Promotion Period
      4. Successful Visa cardholders who receive one free ticket under this Offer must purchase and pay in full for at least one full price ticket in the same purchase transaction
      5. Offer is applicable for ticket bookings relating to all cinemas in India where tickets can be booked at


      How to Avail the offer

      1. The Visa Cardholder must follow the current purchase process at and provide his/her Visa card number accordingly, when prompted by the system
      2. The Visa Cardholder must click on the “APPLY OFFER” button/link under the OFFER section
      3. Free tickets available each day are limited and available for redemption on a first come first serve basis for Visa cardholders
      4. In the event that Offer 1 is applicable for that day, and the Visa cardholder is eligible, the system will automatically reduce the total bill amount for the Visa card transaction so that the Visa cardholder receives one movie ticket (with the lowest value) free
      5. In the event that the limit of Offer 1 has been reached for that day or the Visa cardholder is not eligible, the system will notify the Visa cardholder accordingly. The Visa cardholder will then be given a choice to either cancel the ticket transaction or to proceed on full price for all tickets booked if the Visa cardholder so chooses
      6. The Offers are only available each day for bookings made between the timing of 10:00 AM that day and 12:00 am of the following day or until the full utilization of the quota for that day has been reached, whichever is earlier
      7. Convenience fee is levied on all tickets booked in a transaction irrespective whether it’s a full priced or a discounted ticket.
      8. Customer can avail only one offer in a day


      General Terms & Conditions

      1. In case you have applied for the discount but the transaction doesn’t go through for some reason, kindly wait for 20 minutes before trying to avail the discount again.
      2. All Visa Cardholders are advised to check the other applicable terms and conditions of Bookmyshow at www.bookmyshow.combefore availing the offer under the VISA Bookmyshow Offer.
      3. Tickets once bought online, shall be considered sold and cannot be cancelled, refunded or exchanged.
      4. The Cardholder shall be required to give personal information and Card details online for the tickets purchased
      5. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers/discounts/promotions at Bookmyshow.
      6. VISA shall not be responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever for any deficiency or inadequacy of service rendered by Bookmyshow for any loss whatsoever of any nature suffered by any cardholder.
      7. VISA Cardholders shall not be entitled to compensation / benefits in any form whatsoever in lieu of the Offer being availed. Offers cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash.
      8. VISA Cardholders are not bound in any manner to participate in this offer. Any participation by the VISA Cardholder shall be voluntary. Bookmyshow will use best efforts to ensure the Offers are provided as described, but cardholders shall not make any claim or seek compensation against Bookmyshow or VISA, even in the event that the Offers are not provided or provided as described (whether or not such non provision is due to fault, negligence on the part of Bookmyshow or Visa)
      9. VISA shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever or howsoever for any loss or damage or claims that may arise out of or otherwise howsoever from any refusal or failure on the part of Bookmyshow to provide or honour the Offer, or benefits or privileges given under the Offer, for any reason whatsoever.
      10. VISA reserves the absolute right to withdraw and / or alter any of the terms and conditions of this Offer at any time without giving any notice.
      11. Any dispute relating to the offer or the terms and conditions shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts in Mumbai only The disputes if any shall be governed under the provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (as amended up to date).
      12. In the event that the Offer, these terms and conditions, or any part thereof is prohibited or restricted under applicable law, the Offer and/or the terms and conditions (as the case may be) may be modified to the extent required to comply with the law.

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